Friday, October 17, 2014



Hi it's been a long time to not post anything here. School have been taking all my time. No more novels, naps, and sundays. My life now just like belajar, pr, les, belajar, les lagi, pr lagi. But you know what I don't mind 'cause I got my girls beside me.

Can't believe it's been 15th months we be friends. Pokoknya kelas 11 udah paling akrab banget, ya ngga? Mulai dari nonton bareng, mabal ke kantin bareng, cabut les bareng biar bisa nongkrong ke kafe, muterin bandung bareng, nyanyi bareng. It's like we're sisters from another mother.

Now we're in twelve grade,and next year we will facing national exams. and graduate, going to university, and so on. Jadi banyakin belajar bareng sama make good memories yaa :)

"We'll be friends forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet
'Even longer', Pooh answered."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Physically, mentally, and emotionally tired.

Do you ever feel like you just want to leave everything here and going somewhere?Life is getting too hard. School makes me prepare for my future but left no space for my present. All I want to do is laying for couple hours and not worry about a single damn thing. And there's something else bothering my mind. Him. I need him to be here with me, and tell me that everything is gonna be alright. Is that too much to ask for?

PS: I always think of you in every single time you're not here.