Saturday, January 30, 2016

6 Things I Learned Before 18th

1. Wait for the guy who wants to know you, the one who wants to know your mind. Wait for the guy who wants to read your deepest thoughts, who asks to hear the stories behind your scars, who listens to your passions, as well as your cries of stress. Don't settle for small talk or "what's up". Wait for the guy who wants to know you better than you know yourself.

2. Love your parents. Life changes. A lot. You won't come home from school everyday to see your mom cooking dinner and your dad watching the news. The way you see things won't stay this way forever. So don't yell at your parents and pray that the day you leave for college will come sooner- trust me, you'll wish for these simple days at home when you're halfway across the country with only a picture frame to hold.

3. Learn to love yourself. Your flat chest, your freckled face, your curly hair, your muscular legs. Whatever it is, you're perfectly made. Completely set aside from every other person. That in itself is something to love.

4. Cry if you need to. Don't let people tell you that crying is weak; it's healthy. Sometimes the world gives us too much at once and it's okay to let it out.

5. If you find a best friend- a true best friend- never let her go. Some family is place in your life differently. You may go your separate ways but your love will stay the same. Buy an airplane ticket to visit her your sophomore year of college, save up the money. I promise it will be worth it. You will see her and although her hair color is darker and you can hardly remember her voice, somehow nothing will have changed. If you find a friend like this, do not trade her for the world.

6. Change is the only constant in life. Accept change, and don't let it scare you. These years ahead are the craziest of your life. Within a few months, you could be laughing in a coffee shop with eight new friends from eight different cities. You could be in love, or falling out of it. You could be on a train to London or Indiana. Anything can happen. Yes, change is scary, but change is the only thing keeping us alive

words by: @angelmpoetry

I couldn't agree more

Monday, January 25, 2016

Singapore, May 2015

It was a great experience, you know, spent holidays with your best friends. Throwback dulu yaaah. We went there for five days. Hari pertama kita sampai Changi sekitar jam 12 siang langsung ke hotel, terus jam 4an jalan ke Orchard. We shopped a bit and then looking for a meal coz we starvinggg af as I remembered it hahaha. 

And then, day 2, Universal Studio. The best playground I've ever visited!!! (it would be Disneyland kalo gue pernah kesana before haha) di universal kita puas-puasin foto sana-sini dulu baru main haha. Waktu itu, if I'm not mistaken, gue, dinda, nadya main ke semua zona deh. You can google all the zones in USS, but Far-Far Away is my favorite. Still the same day, 21th May, we went back to hotel after capek dari USS. Malamnya kita ke Lau Pa Sat, tempat makan gitu terus banyak pilihan makanannya. 

The next day, we went to Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by The Bay, Merlion, pokoknya semua landmark singapur deh haha. We even try the famous Singapore one dollar ice cream. Pokoknya hari itu hari berfoto (as we planned it). But, still, foto yang paling banyak itu foto dari USS.

The other day, karena kita cuman teens yang males bangun pagi, kita mulai explore jam 12. First, kita ke Haji Lane street buat jalan-jalan sebentar terus ke Orchard lagi buat real shopping hahahhha. Abis itu kita sampai hotel jam 7 an gitu, tapi jam 9an nya pergi lagi ke Haji Lane buat ngopi-ngopi kecil yang kebertulan not too far from our hotel. And that was the last night of our holiday.

Besoknya waktu balik ke Indonesia, gue sama sahabat gue pisah soalnya beda flight, lagian gue ke tanggerang dulu, mereka langsung ke bandung. Dan waktu di changi, gue ketemu temen ayah yang ngasih oleh-oleh banyak sekali teman-teman :) chocolates in many brands and types, YAY!